The 2019 IPS Winter School Program is conceived and structured as two independent but interrelated weeks of intensive learning activities on international political sociology.


General Courses

General Courses in Theory and Methodology consist of two hours classes every morning from Monday to Friday. (Monday-Friday). There is one general course offered each week.

Thematic Courses

Thematic courses take place three days a week (Monday-Wednesday), in two different periods of the afternoon (90 minutes sessions). See the topics and themes of the 2019 IPS Winter School courses.


Writing and Publishing Tutorials

The writing and publishing tutorials will provide students the opportunity to discuss with Guest Professors: (i) the different styles, politics, strategies and difficulties related to academic writing; and (ii) the different aspects related to publishing academic articles, PhD dissertations and books.

Discussion Sessions

There will be one Discussion Session each week, on Thursday from 14:00 to 16:00hs. Theses sessions are on occasion for students to engage and discuss a topic suggested by on of the faculty. Discussions will be open and aimed at facilitating the participation of all. Guest professors and other invited academics will also intervene. Guest professors will suggest few short academic works to read so all the participants have some common ground for the discussion.

Research Workshops

The research workshops will provide interested (and, depending on the number of applicants, selected) students the opportunity to present and discuss their work in progress (e.g., MPhil project, PhD proposal, or drafting article) with the Guest Professors and other students of the IPS Winter School community, thus benefiting from different constructive commentaries, questions, and feedbacks. This activity will take place in the last day of each week (Friday), in the afternoon.

Roundtables and Public Events

There will be one public event per week, organized as a roundtable on a relevant theme of world politics and international political sociology. Public events will take place on Thursdays, in the afternoon, between 16h15 and 18h00.

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