First week of the 2015 IPS Winter School

The IPS Winter School started on 29th June, 2015. Check a bit of what happened during this first week!

Professors Mike Shapiro, RBJ Walker, Paulo Esteves, João Nogueira and Didier Bigo at the inaugural session “10 Years of IPS”
Prof. João Pontes Nogueira during his course “Inequality in World Politics: an IPS approach”
Public roundtable “After Snowden: Security, Surveillance, Rights”
Prof. Elspeth Guild during her course “Human Rights and Free Movement in the EU”
Prof. Mike Shapiro during his course “The Aesthetic Turn and Beyond”

You are invited to our ROUNDTABLES!

Through its public events, the IPS Winter School wants to strengthen the dialogue between IR experts and other social scientists at a local, national and international level. Four roundtables will prompt discussion on key topics contemporary IR. Attendance is free and open to the public.

Week 1

Roundtable 2 – After Snowden: Security, Surveillance, Rights  
(30/06, 19h – 21h, RDC Auditorium)

Edward J. Snowden’s revelations about the secret US-NSA PRISM program have confirmed the large-scale mass surveillance of governments, companies, and citizens, including some of he United States’ closest allies in Europe and Latin America. In this roundtable, professors Didier Bigo, Monica Herz, Eslpeth Guild and R.B. J. Walker will debate the impact of these practices on national security, diplomacy, human rights, democracy, subjectivity, and obedience.

Week 2

Roundtable 3 – Acting Politics: Democracy, Inequality and Contestation
(07/07, 19h – 21h, B8 Auditorium, Frings Building, 8th floor)

In this roundtable, professors Kyle Grayson, Jef Huysmans, Vivienne Jabri and João P. Nogueira will discuss what does it mean to be political against our current background of growing global inequality and mounting frustration towards national citizenship as the sole mode of political action.

Roundtable 4 – IPS: the next 10 years
(10/07, 17h – 19h, B8 Auditorium, Frings Building, 8th floor)

In this closing roundtable, professors Kyle Grayson, Jef Huysmans, Vivienne Jabri, João P. Nogueira, Marta Fernández, Roberto Yamato e Isabel Rocha de Siqueira get together to discuss the future of IPS’s movement. What have we learned so far? Where do we head from here?