Second week of the 2015 IPS Winter School

The 2015 IPS Winter School was finished last Friday, July 10th.

Here are some pictures of the second week courses and debates!

Prof. Vivienne Jabri during her course “Theories of Violence”
Prof. Mike Shapiro during his course “The Politics of Temporalities”
Professors Kyle Grayson, Vivienne Jabri, João P. Nogueira, Jef Huysmans and Mike Shapiro during the “Acting Politics: Democracy, Inequality and Contestation” roundtable
Professors Marta Fernández and Roberto Yamato during their course “Desconstruction, Postcolonialism and Amerindian Perspectivsm”
Closing Session – IPS: The next 10 years
Professors Isabel de Siqueira, Roberto Yamato, Kyle Grayson, João P. Nogueira, Jef Huysmans and Marta Fernández