IPS Winter School 2015

Guest Faculty

  • Prof. Didier Bigo, Sciences Po and King’s College London
  • Prof. Kyle Grayson, Newcastle University
  • Prof. Elspeth Guild, University of Nijmegen and Queen Mary University of London
  • Prof. Jef Huysmans, Open University
  • Prof. Vivienne Jabri, King’s College London
  • Prof. Jimmy Casas Klausen, PUC-Rio
  • Prof. Marta Fernández, PUC-Rio
  • Prof. João Pontes Nogueira, PUC-Rio
  • Prof. Isabel Rocha de Siqueira, PUC-Rio
  • Prof. Michael J. Shapiro, University of Hawaii
  • Prof. R. B. J. Walker, University of Victoria and PUC-Rio
  • Prof. Roberto Yamato, PUC-Rio

General Courses

General Course 1 – Critical Theories and IPS RBJ Walker

Prof. R. B. J. Walker (University of Victoria and IRI/PUC-Rio)

RBJ Walker, Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Victoria, Canada, and in the International Relations Institute, IRI, PUC-RIO, will share his thinking on the relation between “Critical Theories and International Political Sociology”.

General Course 2 – Critical Methodologies and IPS Jef Huysmans

Prof. Jef Huysmans (Queen Mary University of London)

Jef Huysmans, Chair in Security Studies in the Department of Politics and International Studies of The Open University and director at the Centre for Citizenship Identities and Governance will consider how “Critical Methodologies and International Political Sociology” can benefit from each other.

Optional Courses

Along with our general courses on theory and methodology, our OPTIONAL COURSES will familiarize participants with the field’s most innovative research, pressing issues and debates. Optional courses are small seminars taught by renowned Brazilian and international scholars that share an interest in the study of the international political sociology.

First Week:
  • Optional Course 1 – Information, Surveillance, Obedience

    Prof. Didier Bigo (Sciences Po, France/King’s College London)

  • Optional Course 2 – Human Rights and Free Movement in the EU

    Prof. Elspeth Guild (University of Nijmegen/ Queen Mary, University of London)

  • Optional Course 3 – Anti-Statist Theories from Right to Left

    Prof. Jimmy Casas Klausen (IRI/PUC-Rio)

  • Optional Course 4 – Inequality in World Politics: an IPS approach

    Prof. João P. Nogueira (IRI/PUC-Rio)

  • Optional Course 5 – The Aesthetic Turn and Beyond

    Prof. Mike Shapiro (University of Hawaii)

Second Week:
  • Optional Course 1 – Theories of Violence

    Prof. Vivienne Jabri (King’s College London)

  • Optional Course 2 – Biopolitics, Culture and Political Violence

    Prof. Kyle Grayson (Newcastle University)

  •  Optional Course 3 – The Politics of Temporalities 

    Prof. Mike Shapiro (University of Hawaii)

  •  Optional Course 4 – Deconstruction, Postcolonialism, and Amerindian Perspectivism

    Prof. Marta Fernández and Roberto Yamato (IRI/PUC-Rio)

  • Optional Course 5 – Acknowledging Practicality, Embracing Subtlety: Practices in IR

    Prof. Isabel Rocha de Siqueira (IRI/PUC-Rio)

    2015 IPS Winter School organizing committee

  • Prof. João Pontes Nogueira, PUC-Rio
  • Prof. Paulo Esteves, PUC-Rio
  • Prof. Bruno Magalhães, PUC-Rio
  • Prof. Isabel Rocha de Siqueira, PUC-Rio
  • Prof. Roberto Yamato, PUC-Rio
  • Mrs. Claudia Darze, PUC-Rio
  • Mrs. Aurélie Delater, PUC-Rio
  • Ms. Camila Bourgard, PUC-Rio
  • Mr. Rogério Viana, PUC-Rio
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