Initial details of the 2016 IPS Winter School GENERAL COURSES!

Initial details of the 2016 IPS Winter School GENERAL COURSES are now available!

One general course will be offered each week, between 10:00 and 12:00am, from Monday to Friday. Both courses are compulsory for students.

First Week: June 27 – July 01, 2016


RBJ Walker, Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Victoria, Canada, and in the IRI/PUC-RIO, will share his thinking on the relation between “Critical Theories and International Political Sociology”.

Critical Theories and International Political Sociology

International Relations and the challenge of interdisciplinarity. Sociology, politics and international as contested objects. Science and critical in the production of knowledge in International Relations. For an International Political Sociology: privilege, eurocentrism and hegemony as research topics.

Click here for Walker’s profile.
Second Week: July 04 – July 08, 2016

Jef Huysmans, Chair in Security Studies in the Department of Politics and International Studies of The Open University and director at the Centre for Citizenship Identities and Governance will consider how critical Methodologies and International Political Sociology can benefit from each other.

Fracturing Methods

Methods have increasingly been placed at the heart of theoretical and empirical research in International Relations. This course explores what is at stake in foregrounding ‘method’ in the production and validation of knowledge and how International Political Sociology as a practice of fracturing IR can be methodologically enacted. First the course will introduce what it means to take methods as practices rather than fixed sets of instructions. In doing so, it questions the conception of methods as mere techniques of extracting and organising empirical material and introduces the social and political life of methods. The course then moves onto the methodological fracturing of IR by means of four conceptual devices. Each implies particular modes of assembling knowledge and texts that fracture international relations and thus acts as a methodological vehicle for doing International Political Sociology.

The course consists of five sessions:

– The social and political life of methods
– The everyday: fracturing global politics
– Media: fracturing global governance
– Motion: fracturing community
– Disputes: fracturing surveillance

Each session will start with an introductory lecture followed by a conversation on implications for research practice.

Click here for Huysmans’s profile.
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